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Healing Spiritual Abuse by: Ken Blue

Probably the most recognized and in depth book on Healing Spiritual Abuse. Ken Blue is an authority on the subject and one of the first to write about it. This book is a must read for anyone struggling to heal from a bad church experience.

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How I Was Razed by Bruce Atchison

How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity is the inspiring story of a naive Christian's experience in a toxic church and how the Lord led him to freedom. He also shares a technique for shedding emotional baggage. available in paperback and e-book.

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How I Was Razed ~ by Bruce Atchison

How I Was Razed ~ by Bruce Atchison thumbnail

    Googling “spiritual abuse” brings up many pages of links to articles about this subject. It proves that millions of people around the world have been emotionally harmed by uncaring and self-centered clergy who use their authority for their own aggrandizement.   Such was the case in the early seventies with a naive teenager named […]

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“Overemphasizing Spiritual Abuse?” a Response to Charles Clark of

“Overemphasizing Spiritual Abuse?” a Response to Charles Clark of thumbnail

  It was recently brought to my attention that published an article on spiritual abuse entitled: Overemphasizing Spiritual Abuse?. There are some rather inconsistent and illogical (not to mention insensitive) information in that article. As a result I decided to post a rebuttal. It is my hope that this will serve as a reminder […]

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New Book on Spiritual Abuse ~ “Lost Sheep”

New Book on Spiritual Abuse ~ “Lost Sheep” thumbnail

Jesus and His disciples had arrived at Capernaum where they were greeted by collectors of the temple tax. They asked Peter if his teacher (Jesus) paid it. After a bit of discussion about the paying of taxes and who was responsible, who would be the greatest in the kingdom and such, Jesus taught a powerful […]

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Toxic Religion or Spiritual Abuse?

Toxic Religion or Spiritual Abuse? thumbnail

  A site visitor recently wrote to me and described what she was experiencing as “Toxic Religion”. As I considered this terminology I thought it would be beneficial for readers to consider the difference between toxic religion and spiritual abuse. This may seem like a game of semantics on the surface, however, it reflects a […]

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Defining Spiritual Abuse

Defining Spiritual Abuse thumbnail

  The term “Spiritual Abuse” has evolved (for lack of a better term) into a catchall phrase that encompasses a multitude of issues. In order to gain a better understanding of what spiritual abuse is I’d like to attempt to define spiritual abuse from my perspective.   Spiritual abuse is often thought of in narrow […]

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Signs of Spiritual Abuse

Signs of Spiritual Abuse thumbnail

The following are several signs of spiritual abuse: Stating personal religious convictions and preferences as fact for everyone Religious convictions and preferences are stated as black and white Requirements for church attendance Dress and clothing requirements (appearance is a priority) Closed minded about different interpretations of Scripture Misinterpretations of scripture Questioning the leaders is discouraged […]

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What is Spiritual Abuse

What is Spiritual Abuse thumbnail

Click Here for a quick list of some of the signs of Spiritual Abuse. Just like physical abuse is the abuse of a person’s physical body by way of hitting, kicking, biting, etc. and emotional abuse is the abuse of a person’s mind/emotions via name calling, derogatory remarks, put downs, etc. spiritual abuse is the […]

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Welcome to your source for Professional Help for Spiritual Abuse Victims. The church has long been a source of contention and strain in the lives of many people. Unfortunately, bad church experiences cause a chain reaction that if left unchecked will lead to a crisis of faith and may eventually lead to cynicism and a denial of faith. Many people grow up in homes influenced by negative and often harmful messages about spirituality. It’s actually quite sad because the church should be a safe haven for people to run to during times of distress. Now, for many, the church has become an enemy, an abuser who’s call sign is manipulation, doctrinal errancy, and scriptural misinterpretations that lead to confusion and chaos. The church has become a place where performance takes precedence over grace and traditions are a priority over proper exegesis.


Spiritual abuse involves using one’s spiritual authority inappropriately…violating the sacred trust of a spiritual shepherd.

~ Barb Orlowski, D. Min.

Spiritual Abuse

If you are visiting this site you are to be commended for taking the first and often hardest step in healing. If you are dealing with issues such as:

  • Legalism
  • Bad Church Experiences
  • Unhealthy Dependency on Religion
  • Distorted view of God
  • Crises of Faith
  • Family Issues Related to Religion.
  • or Anything You Consider to be Abusive

then please contact me. It’s my hearts desire to do all that I can to help.

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